About Me


Lady Dee was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is an entrepreneur, business woman, and writer. She writes fun, romantic, drama- filled stories that surround true events. Lady Dee knows just how to turn a seemingly ordinary love story into

an unputdownable read. She also writes poetry and short stories

on occasion. Her stories are told in a matter-of-fact manner, but

the characters and the plot are intricate and entwined, and the

premise is so original and unlike any other. Her desire is for

readers to connect with the characters and take personal lessons

from each story. Be prepared to have a myriad of emotions that

draw you in, while reading her books!

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Sweet Love

Successful African -American entrepreneur, April, feels she has

everything that she needs: a strong supportive fiancé, a prosperous, growing business, and her loving best friend, Kesha. On the outside, everything is going well for April, but there is a

deeper desire pulling her into the past she chose to forget long

ago. Just when April thinks that she cannot possibly go through

anything else traumatic, she does! In the war between both

worlds, April fights to find common ground.

When she finds herself unable to resist love’s call, will she be

strong enough to do what is right, or will she fall victim to the urgings of her heart?


The Sweetest Sin...Coming Soon


Years have passed and Asha is now an adult figuring out how to

put the pieces of her life back together.

There are many secrets exposed and hidden that Asha is

determined to figure out. But the biggest secret of all, may tear

her family apart. Find out in this final series how Asha, Ahmad,

and Chris juggle death, life, and devastation, where time will

reveal if blood is really thicker than water…